workflow-osx-0.0.0: a "Desktop Workflow" monad with Objective-C bindings

Safe HaskellNone



Example 1:

import qualified Data.ByteString.Char8  as BS
import qualified Network.HTTP.Types.URI as WAI

-- | google a query, in the default browser. properly encodes the url. 
google :: (MonadWorkflow m) => String -> m ()
google (BS.pack -> query) = do
 openURL (BS.unpack $ "" <> WAI.renderQuery True [("q", Just query)])

Example 2:

-- | access the currently selected region from Haskell, via the clipboard  
copy :: (MonadWorkflow m) => m String
copy = do
 sendKeyChord [CommandModifier] CKey
 delay 250

Example 3:

import qualified Data.Char 

-- uppercase the contents of the clipboard, and paste the result 
uppercase_clipboard = do
 oldContents <- getClipboard
 let newContents = fmap Data.Char.toUpper oldContents
 setClipboard newContents 
 sendKeyChord [CommandModifier] VKey

Example 4:

-- pause/play the first YouTube tab open in the Chrome browser, by pressing a key after full-screening it 
-- (this script is super-duper-robust)
youtube_toggle_sound = do
 app <- currentApplication                     -- save the currently open application 
 sendKeyChord [CommandModifier] UpKey          -- move to the top of the screen 
 delay chromeDelay 
 delay chromeDelay
 sendKeyChord [] KKey                          -- pauses/plays the video
 delay chromeDelay 
 delay 2000
 openApplication app                           -- restore the previously open application 

youtube_toggle_fullscreen = do
 sendKeyChord [ShiftModifier] FKey

reach_youtube = do
 openApplication "Google Chrome"
 switch_tab ""

switch_tab s = do
 sendKeyChord [OptionModifier] TKey            -- needs the Tab Ahead chrome extension 
 delay chromeDelay 
 sendText s
 sendKeyChord [] ReturnKey
chromeDelay = 250                              -- milliseconds